Georges Heights

Murphys Roofing has been removing Asbestos Roofs for over 30 years now Super Six sheets as at Gunners Barrack .Murphys will remove the existing Asbestos Roofs decontaminate get a clearance certificate from a Hygienst

How Murphy’s safely removes bonded or non-friable asbestos

Murphy’s is licensed to remove bonded asbestos.

Our experienced teams use strict control measures when handling and removing this hazardous material.

  • The asbestos material is wet down with PVA glue to stop fibres becoming airborne.
  • The material is then wrapped in plastic and transported for disposal at a licensed tip.
  • Our staff wear disposable coveralls, half-face masks and gloves.
  • Air monitoring is carried out before, during and after the removal process.
  • An independent asbestos assessor confirms the removal area is clear of asbestos materials before issuing a clearance certificate.

Murphy’s past work with bonded or non-friable asbestos includes removing:

  • asbestos cement roof sheeting, for example Super Six
  • asbestos cement external wall cladding sheets
  • interior asbestos cement fibre sheets, and
  • bitumen roof and floor coverings.

For more information about threats of asbestos in your commercial, industrial or residential premise, visit the New South Wales Government website at http://www.nsw.gov.au/.


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