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Murphy’s Group Services thoroughly and cost-effectively repair, upgrade and restore heritage listed Paddington Town Hall and Clock Tower to its former condition and lustre with minimal impact on the public and surrounding environment. Paddington Town Hall

Built in 1891 the Paddington Town Hall has always had enormous cultural, historical and architectural significance for the local community. Both the Town Hall and the Clock Tower however have been in need of significant repairs and restoration for many years. City of Sydney Council was aware that the work required on these buildings was extensive and complex.

As a heritage listed building it was essential that heritage guidelines be adhered to and the original façade be maintained as much as possible.  

An added hurdle was the location of the building on a high profile, busy part of Oxford Street in Paddington, surrounded by residences that needed to be undisturbed and businesses that needed to remain operational (including a working cinema).  For the duration of the extensive internal and external work, access and safety had to be ensured as a paramount priority in a building which houses numerous businesses and community services and is surrounded by heavy traffic and pedestrian access paths.

In close consultation with The City of Sydney Council, Murphy’s Group Services was able to overhaul Paddington Town Hall and Clock Tower inside and out in keeping with heritage guidelines.

Slate roofs were redone and modified, air conditioning and mechanical aspects of the building were repaired and upgraded, desalination of the facade was undertaken, external and internal painting was carefully done and the clock tower was repaired and strengthened. Murphy’s Group Services worked to not only restore functionality of the building but also to reinstate its heritage fabric and integrity.

Paddington Town Hall ClockTo this end Murphy’s Group Services undertook roof plumbing, waterproofing, carpentry, cleaning and mechanical services as well as employing the use of abseilers, qualified heritage restoration contractors and an accredited acoustic engineer who developed a Construction Noise Management Plan (CNMP).  All of the works were conducted by a team of appropriately qualified tradesmen with heritage experience and extensive knowledge of their field. Inspections and reviews made by Murphy’s Group Service project engineers throughout the process ensured that workmanship requirements were met to an extremely high standard within the framework of Murphy’s ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System. City of Sydney Council was kept informed of the progress of the works through weekly project meetings.

The Council’s Project Manager and Cinema Management were consulted and involved with Murphy’s Group Services, in devising innovative strategies to maintain minimal disturbance and maximum efficiency of the works.

For the duration of the works, safety and access were maintained with minimal disturbance to the heritage visual facade at street level. Murphy’s Group Services followed a project specific Safety Management Plan (SMP) developed and implemented in close consultation with the City of Sydney Council. As part of this, an ongoing risk assessment was undertaken and unacceptable risks to site workers and the public were prevented. The impact on residents and businesses in the City of Sydney Council area was minimal. Safe access and protection was ensured by the careful use of appropriate hoarding and scaffolding and the employment of qualified traffic controllers. Some of the crane lifting was performed at night to ensure the least disruption possible.

Impeccable cleanliness was maintained and an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) was created and implemented (with waste control, sediment and erosion in mind) to minimise the impact of the works on the surrounding environment. Security of the building was maintained at all times.

Paddington Town Hall Roof Murphy’s Group Services took on this daunting task, demonstrating a high quality of workmanship and meeting all of the objectives articulated by the City of Sydney Council for the restoration of this significant historic building, within budget and to a high quality.

The repair and upgrade of the Paddington Town Hall and Clock Tower required both careful attention to detail as well as extensive knowledge of and skill in the wide range of works involved in restoring a large heritage listed building in a high profile area. With the completion of this wide-ranging project by Murphy’s Group Services, the people of the City of Sydney Council can continue to enjoy the cultural, historical and architectural richness of their buildings for business and leisure for generations to come.

Please see the attached PDF for more detail on the work carried out.

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