Lantern and Clerestory Roofs

Lantern and Clerestory Heritage Roofs

Lantern and clerestory roofs are a feature in many older industrial buildings in Sydney.  These types of roofs are constructed with a high section of vertical windows between the main roof and the top of the roof. The benefits of this design are much improved natural light and ventilation. These types of roofs are sometimes configured in a Saw Tooth roof pattern. Modern roofs of this type are sometimes used as an element of passive solar design to heat and cool buildings.

Murphy’s have replaced Lantern, Clerestory and Saw Tooth type heritage roofs at many sites including White Bay Power Station and The Bakehouse Quarter. If you look around the Sydney landscape you will notice the distinctive shape of Lantern, Clerestory and Saw Tooth roofs.

Lantern Roof

Murphy’s offer the following specialist roof replacement services:

  • Corrugated Roofs
  • Heritage Roof Sheets in specialist materials such as copper or zinc
  • Galvanised Roofs
  • Curved Roofs

Clerestory Roof

Clerestory Roof 2

Murphy’s Roofing has been around for 30 years providing a reliable service for the replacement of Heritage Roofs, Commercial Roofs and Industrial Roofs. A solid roofing company with a vast wealth of experience who can guarantee a watertight roof.

Murphy’s Roofing is Australian owned and operated from Redfern, inner Sydney with humble beginnings in western Sydney, this down to earth approach is reflected in the pride we at Murphy’s Roofing take with our Roof Replacements.

For heritage, commercial and industrial roof replacement:


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White Bay Power Station


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