Cockatoo Island Chimney

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust manages Cockatoo Island.  This is the largest island in Sydney Harbour.

Between 1839 and 1869 Cockatoo Island operated as a convict penal establishment, primarily as a place of secondary punishment for convicts who had re-offended in the colonies.

Powerhouse Chimney Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island was also the site of one of Australia’s biggest shipyards, operating between1857 and 1991.The first of its two dry docks was built by convicts. Listed on the National Heritage List, the island is significant for its demonstration of the characteristics of a long-running dockyard and shipbuilding complex, including evidence of key functions, structures and operational layout.Cockatoo Island contains the nation’s most extensive and varied record of shipbuilding and has the potential to enhance understanding of maritime and heavy industrial processes in Australia from the mid-19th century.

The Power Station Chimney is located on the north western plateau.  Built in 1919, this chimney was part of the then Commonwealth Naval Dock yard.The Chimney along with the other built fabric on the island is historically significant.

In February 2015, SHFT engaged Murphy’s Construction Group to carry out remedial works to the chimney. The works include but were not limited to, brick repointing, brick repair/rebuild, structural repairs and the treatment of existing metal work, including Hazmat removal.

The chimney is 52 metres high and Murphy’s Engineered Access Solutions came up with an innovative access system by craning a modular scaffold system into the throat of the chimney where two external swinging stages and internal swinging stage provided a safe access system.

The saving to the client was significant (in the order of $200-$300 000), as a full permitter scaffolding was not required.


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