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Broadmeadow Roundhouse is the home of a collection of heritage locomotives and rolling stock maintained by Sydney Trains. Constructed in the age of steam, the roundhouse roof was suffering from the years with rotting timber trusses and an area of roof torn-off in extreme weather. Murphy’s in-house roofers secured and replaced the storm damaged roof section. Replacement of the trusses required the use of a mobile crane. Our skilled carpenters removed an original truss and, with the structural engineer, used this as a template for making a like-for-like, new timber replacement.

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The project demanded the coordination of mobile plant including mobile crane and scissor lift. Work was programmed carefully, with different site activities in mind, ensuring no work was carried out over other workers and that crane, mobile plant and people were segregated. The roof repair work and truss work involved unavoidable working at heights. Beneath the roof, our licenced scaffolders constructed bird cage scaffolding to allow safe work platform access for our carpenters to the trusses. Our roofers used safety harnesses anchored to temporary static lines and anchor points they installed to work in fall/travel restraint while on the roof.

The replacement of the roof trusses involved renewal of major supporting elements of the roof. If the work was not completed correctly then the building’s structural integrity would be negatively affected. Murphy’s engaged a structural engineer to verify and certify the design of the replacement trusses. On completion of the truss replacement work, the structural engineer inspected the works and certified the configuration and installation of the new trusses and met the requirements of the design.

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