Ausgrid Harbord

Harbord Zone Substation – Roof Replacement
Harbord Zone Substation No. 15008, Lawrence Street, Freshwater, NSW

Ausgrid Harbord


Harbord Substation provides electricity to Sydney’s Freshwater suburb and surrounding areas. Ausgrid selected Murphy’s to replace the aging and deteriorating metal roof.

Murphy’s project personnel are all SC1200 trained and inducted by Ausgrid for working in substations and the supply network. The training covers the Electrical Safety Rules, CPR, low voltage release training and training in environmental impacts and controls for the work. This training was also completed by the scaffold subcontractors Murphy’s engaged for the work.

The internal equipment of the substation, such as switch gear, was protected during the roof replacement works. The substation FIUs were a major concern given their importance for the substation and its supply capabilities. These had to be shut down while work took place above them and Murphy’s were able to minimise the power outage by coordinating closely with the Ausgrid management team.

Murphy’s roofing personnel are trained in working safely at heights. By using a static line and anchor points during the removal of the existing roof, the risk of falling through the roof was managed, until installation of Australian Standard safety wire mesh removed the risk. Around the edges of the roof, Murphy’s erected perimeter scaffolding and hand rail to prevent falling from the edges of the roof. All materials were strapped down when not in use to prevent them being blown from the roof in strong winds.

Ausgrid Harbord 2

Ausgrid Harbord 3

Substations must be kept watertight at all times so the electricity supply is uninterrupted and sensitive electrical equipment is not exposed to wet conditions. Murphy’s remove and replace the roof in daily sections so that the equipment is not unnecessarily exposed. Monitoring the weather forecasts and local conditions on-site Murphy’s management team determine the areas of the roof to be replaced during the coming day.

Murphy’s were WHS principal contractors for the site and developed a safety management plan, environmental management plan and suite of SWMS for all work activities. Project personnel were inducted to the site management controls before beginning work on the project and awareness was maintained with daily pre-start hazard assessment checks and tool box talks.

All roofing work was completed with matching flashings and renewed gutters. Height safety anchor points were installed on the new roof allowing future access to trained Ausgrid personnel using safety harnesses.

Murphy’s used plywood and handrail protection to protect the roofers from the powerlines. The live power lines were also delineated with tiger tails for additional visibility.

Ausgrid Harbord 4


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